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Empower your brain to fight Dementia

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who should use COSMA?

The COSMA therapy has been designed specifically for people sufffering from Dementia.  If you or a loved one is displaying any signs of Dementia then COSMA can help.  We do advise you to seek medical advice on whether or not you have Dementia and at what stage.

Why do I need a tablet?

The tablet we give FREE to every user has been configured specificvally to run the COSMA therapy.  Using our FREE tablet will enable you to maximise the beenfits you receive from our ground breaking therapy.

What are the reports and why are they useful?

Every user of the COSMA therapy will receive regular, individualised reports. These reports will allow you to see your progress with the different aspects of the therapy.  You can even share these medically supported reports with health professionals so they can make more informed choices about other treatment pathways.

What happens to my information?

COSMA is a fully secure system which houses all users data in an encrypted server. There is the option to share some of your data, including cognitive reports with health professionals such as your GP if you wish.  This is entirely optional however and you or your family/guardian can opt in and out of this anytime you wish.

Will COSMA be updated?

COSMA is a continuously evolving therapy and new enhancements, games, features and additional medical devices are already in the pipeline.  This will ensure that COSMA remains effective in light of new technology and research, much of it supported by our own data.

Do you provide technical support?

We have a dedicated support department who can help you with any technical issues surrounding the tablet or the cOSMA therapy software.  The support team can be contacted on 

Is COSMA suitable for different types of Dementia?

Yes, COSMA is suitable for the most prevalent tpypes of dementia including Alzheimers and Vascular Dementia.  

How is COSMA different from normal brain games?

COSMA is a clinically backed therapy of structured, integrated exercises that aid the brain to fight  against the effects of Dementia. 

Have more questions?


If you have any other questions about how COSMA can help you, a loved one or your patients please get in touch here.



As Cosma has only just launched we are offering 100 tablets free with our therapy on a first come first served basis, so be quick to sign up and receive your configured tablet for FREE…..